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Dr. Karen Correa

My goal as your health and wellness coach is to help you reach your fullest health potential and quality of life by empowering you to adopt and sustain healthy lifestyle behaviors in an effort to prevent and mitigate chronic diseases.


What I Offer

Personal Health Coaching

One-on-one health coaching helps with understanding the potential health risks and the lifestyle-related factors that impact these risks. Here, we will work together to create an environment with higher productivity, increased morale, and healthy behavioral changes.

Group Health Sessions

Be the health change agent in your organization and empower your group to live healthier, happier, and more productive lives by equipping them with actionable health information and resources allowing them to change their health outcomes one behavior at a time.


I provide mentoring services to young women and girls in the areas of conflict resolution, navigating family relationships, self-esteem, confidence, positive body image, and other socially and culturally relevant topics. Please contact me for mentoring opportunities.


Dr. Karen Correa, PhD, BCMAS

Dr. Karen Correa is a pharmaceutical executive overseeing Global Clinical Operations at a Top 10 pharmaceutical company. She possesses over 30 years of clinical research experience; including benchwork, clinical site, and clinical operations execution across multiple therapeutic areas in both large and small pharma.

Dr. Correa is a published author that has provided strategy and innovation to pharmaceutical companies and clinical sites on diversity inclusion in clinical trials, in an effort to address health disparities and health equity.

Dr. Correa holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology, a Master in Health Administration, and a Doctorate of Philosophy in International Health Research. She has a certificate in Pharmaceutical Management and Health and Wellness coaching from Cornell University and is a Certified Clinical Research Associate and board-certified Medical Affairs Associate.

"Health can be achieved when wellness is prioritized"

– Dr Karen Correa

Addressing Health Disparities

Promoting Health Equity One Community at a Time.

Dr. Karen Correa, LLC is a health and wellness consultancy on a mission to empower, motivate, and coach others on living healthier lifestyles through education and awareness to eradicate health disparities.
Making our communities a healthier place through passionate engagements for all populations to reach their self-actualized potential of holistic health.
Dr. Correa is committed to solving many of the challenges faced by communities disproportionately affected by numerous health issues. This is achieved by empowering communities with the knowledge to make proactive, informed decisions about health and emotional and physical lifestyle adjustments. Dr. Correa believes that change starts with a positive mindset within each person. She recognizes that if you can impact the way someone understands and values themselves, they are more willing to actively participate in actually making the necessary adjustments in their life to achieve better health outcomes. She prides herself on her ability to encourage and serve as a change agent through her inspirational. This positive engagement leaves her audience inspired to make the necessary changes for better health and serve as examples within their family and community.

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