Improve Self-Confidence And Clarify What You Want Out Of Life

May 21, 2022

By Dr. Karen Correa

Do you have a difficult time with setting even the smallest goals, getting motivated to stay healthy?  Have you started something but struggle with maintaining consistency? Health and wellness counseling teaches behaviors that can encourage wellness and improve quality of life by helping you stay accountable and arming you with knowledge to become an informed advocate for your wellness.

Health and Wellness Counseling

Health and Wellness Counseling is a special blend of client centered care that encourages emotional, spiritual, physical, social, and intellectual wellness to a healthy lifestyle. The goal is to increase your health literacy in order for you to have impactful engagements with your health care providers. With a special set of listening skills, Counselors are able to help you make sense of your feelings and find meaning in your story and internal emotions.  You will see that as you listen to your journey, you will continue to learn more about yourself and you will be able to discover coping mechanisms based on your own experiences and knowledge.  Counselors are focused on providing you with a safe environment where you can explore your own journey.  Everyone needs a non-judgemental safe space to share their internal thoughts. A Counselor can be that safe space.  We empower clients to achieve sustainable health goals by providing effective listening, mutual respect, and creative collaboration.

The Counselor’s Role

The role of a Health and Wellness Counselor is to support and guide you to become the best healthy version of yourself.  We are here to hold you accountable, encourage, motivate and guide you to achieve your health goals, focusing on positive and preventive life habits. Counseling and listening services help individuals improve self-confidence and assist with clarifying what you want out of life. My counseling has been developed with the focus of guiding you to optimal wellness. I look forward to sharing with you the techniques I have learned that will improve your quality of life.

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Dr. Karen Correa, PhD, BCMAS

Dr. Karen Correa has 30 years of clinical research experience. She is currently Vice President, Head Global Clinical Operations at Takeda and a Board Member of CAMcare, a Federally Qualified Healthcare Center, East Carolina University, and Susan G. Komen South Central Jersey Affiliate.

Dr. Correa is a published author that has provided strategy and innovation to pharmaceutical companies and clinical sites on diversity inclusion in clinical trials, in an effort to address health disparities and health equity.


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